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What is a Tar Heel?

Many people don't know this, but the term Tar Heel is technically a derogatory term. The term comes from North Carolina's naval industry in the 1850. "Lowly, indolent, and poor" citizens were called Tar Heels because of the tar that stuck to to their heels while doing the hardest and worst jobs in the industry.

I don't view the term as in the least bit insulting. I have no problem being included with Carolinians that work so damn hard, they got pine tar stuck to the bottom of their feet. I can assure you that the commitment of Tar Heel Studio to its work and clients doesn't involve any dirty or stinky feet, but it will involve a relentless development process and continuous innovation.

Tar Heel Dev Studio may be the new kid on the block in the Triangle where the competition is stiff, but I guarantee that you will not find a better project development experience than you will at Tar Heel Dev Studio. Whether you design your brand's t-shirts or business website with us, you can take comfort in knowing that you hired somebody who enjoys serving you wholeheartedly and is truly invested in the success of your business. Trust me, I don't take it lightly that my business is named after the wonderful people of North Carolina. It's an honor to bear the name and serve those who choose to be, rather than to seem.

Andrew Weisbeck, Owner and Developer