Welcome to Tar Heel Dev Studio!

Welcome to Tar Heel Dev Studio, a full-service digital agency located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina. My name is Andrew Weisbeck and I started Tar Heel Dev Studio with a mission of creating a digital agency that works harder than anyone else, gives back to the local and global communities, and represents our virtues whole-heartedly, never letting financial interests plague what this company stands for. 

Our Values

You can find out more about what a Tar Heel is over at our about us page. Here are the top three values that serve the agency the best as a collective approach.

1.) Hard work - We promise to outwork any other digital agency that you compare us to - hands down, we are the damn hardest working agency in the state of NC. We understand the beauty is in all the fine details that take extra hours of work to learn and create. The research phase of the project is very intense, but fun and exploratory so there is an open space for learning and adapting to new styles and personalities at the beginning of a project.

2.) Authenticity - You can expect full honesty and transparency from us in any interaction you have with our organization. We also are not going to be going out of our way to impress anyone by acting like something we are not - we would rather earn your business through hard work, building trust, and a diverse set of skills that can help your business earn more money with a game plan.

3.) Diversity - The greatest asset I have found throughout my entire career is the diverse viewpoints of others. Diversity is more than just differences in culture or race - it is the consideration of all viewpoints and giving everyone an equal voice at the table because you value everyone’s voice. Diversity has never failed to surprise me with incredibly creative ways to solve problems in all aspect of life, but even more importantly it has allowed me to see all the beauty that exists in the world.

Our Services

You can find a full listing of our services on this page - we are currently working on a store front that allows you to purchase merchandise, digital products, and to book our services directly to make sure you get us locked in. Here is a general breakdown of what we offer:

  • Website & App Development - We create web pages, web apps, mobile apps, native operating system apps, and any other kind of computer application or software that you can imagine. You can see some of our previous and current work over on our projects page to get an idea of what we have experience in. We are also currently offering services in Web 3.0 technology, a new market we recently have entered.
  • Digital Marketing Solutions - We offer SEO planning, content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO. Many of our marketing services come packaged with our web development solutions, but we do offer standalone services if you just need marketing help. With over a decade in marketing in many different sectors, we offer high-quality research and content that will boost sales and increase client engagement.
  • Design Services - We design logos, engineer design systems, and create templates for sale, amongst many other services that we offer. This is a broad category of services that we offer as we have designed everything from infographics to brochures to websites - our philosophy is that if you can name it, we can probably design it! Oh - you’ll love the quote reports that we provide, so make sure you sign up for your free business and website review.

Our Promise

I promise that you can always expect Tar Heel Dev Studio to go above and beyond your expectations.  I previously ran a consulting and freelance business for over half a decade, have always considered writing as my number one creative passion, and I am a very open-minded developer and business analyst. I started Tar Heel Dev Studio because:

  1. I love the freedom of being an entrepreneur, but also the insane amount of pressure as a real ass innovator and find new ways of doing things. There’s a whole lot of reasons why, but I’ve managed to build a pretty resilient approach to life. You can’t ever be afraid to fail, because you will fail a lot. Everyone does - somebody who doesn’t fail isn’t living the same human experience as me. You never learn what you really need to know and understand in life until you’ve found a lot of ways to do things that might fail, but are at least fucking cool (even if they scared the shit of you too). But you don’t ever get anything without doing something that scares the shit out of you, so always take chances on yourself. (Take chances on others too - help your friends out.)
  2.  Working with people is my greatest asset as web developer, marketing consultant, and entrepreneur. I like being a fluid team-mate in terms of how I approach any problem, any day, or any situation, but I also don’t hesitate to share my expertise when it’s important for everyone. I’ve learned how to be more compassionate and become a better listener - recent years have been really humbling but also greatly insightful into life. But nothing is better than making meaningful connections with humans from all walks of life - we’re all here stuck on this rock together and I’ve met some people who are really awesome at making it a good time through their own personal skills that they have, and don’t have, but are just such wonderful humans who make getting up every day rad.

I’m very laid back, but also ambitious - I also like being in charge of how my business is represented whenever helping a client.  I currently spend my days researching, developing, creating things on the internet and love every second of it. I have a giant GitHub because I love trying out new things every day and learning something new - well a lot of new stuff. Tar Heel Dev Studio is the right choice for your business, because I only will take on clients that I can quote a healthy profit too or clients who serve a deeper purpose, such as Non-Profits.

If you are a Non-Profit, I have very large discounts to help your organization - if you would rather donate your money to something that will help your cause, I offer free projects for non-profits who want to donate the cost of their project into supplies, wages for employees, research or what-ever you want to save money on. Every Non-Profit should have a sick website and effective marketing to help them pursue their causes and I try to give back to the community as much as I can with my talents. NPs have also had a big impact in my life and I find the experience of working for Non-Profits extremely fulfilling - you can read more about it on this post (working on as of 7/23).

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Content is still being added every minute of each day to bring our website up to speed with our capabilities. I hope you will reach out to me to learn more about my services and give me the opportunity to help you achieve your goals today!