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This project was an opportunity that came quickly and unexpectedly from another developer that I mentor. She was approached and asked to create a website by a friend and didn’t feel ready for the project quite yet, so she asked me to take it on.

The owner of Quake’s didn’t have a whole lot of requirements, except that she wanted the layout to have a hero, the three cards in the middle of the page, and then the three boxes on the bottom with the different levels of service that they offer. This website was the perfect opportunity for me to use the EmberJS framework that I had been dying to use for a web application. The site isn’t completed as I am still communicating with the client about potential changes they want and we will also adjust settings based on how much traffic they are receiving, but here is the current front page:

The client initially only wanted a front page, about page, and a contact page. I suggested that we add a blog page so that non-clients will have a reason to stop by and check the page out without just scheduling an appointment. A blog would engage the client and allow them to learn more about the owners and get an inside look at the business. The current posts are just place holders that were randomly generated from a little tool I made that is like an ad-lib for blog posts. Here is the current blog page layout:

This project is basically finished, but I am expecting that there are some changes that will be made with the client and I know there are a couple of minor little things that need to be cleaned up on the website. You can visit the project at its non-official domain here and I will update this project once it is complete.

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