Personal Portfolio Website

This was my first major project as a “full-stack web developer”. I put that in quotations because I had been making websites as a business consultant for years, unaware of the actual interaction between the backend and front end of a web application. Technically, I had been using a backend, WordPress, and then creating the front end using a site builder called Elementor. I don’t consider this real web development though as I wasn’t writing CSS or HTML to create the front end and wasn’t writing my own backend code for my server to route my website to the browser. 

I was proud of how I designed this and created the entire website from scratch. Here is a look at when you land on the front page:

This website took me a whole week to complete during the Section 4 Customer Centered Innovation Sprint that I was participating in. I had chosen my own personal brand to work on and needed to show that I was a capable full-stack web developer to employers. In my opinion, I thought this was a fantastic first website to design, develop, debug, and then launch for employers to see a real life example of work I had done. I was particularly proud of this one design feature I had on the project section of the front page - notice where the picture for the mtman.adventures blog has the green outlined border:

That border was a difficult section to nail down with the CSS, but I had seen it on a tutorial video and wanted to do something similar. That took an entire day of messing around with the CSS before I finally figured out how to break the border where I wanted it to. I was also proud of my color selection - I feel like it went well together and also looked like me. I don’t know how to explain why it fits my personality, but the colors just kind of look like something I would design for myself.

This was a great first project for myself and was proof that I could write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all from scratch to make a functioning and well designed website. If you want a personal website, or resume website for yourself, reach out to Tar Heel Dev Studio and we’ll get your next project on the schedule and get started on making a website that shows off your work and fits your personality!