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Who doesn’t love having their very own personal blog site where they can share their deepest darkest secrets with the world? Well that is exactly what I created when I made and began to share my thoughts with the world. I still need to have a redo on the front page because I basically followed a generic pattern, but I will eventually get there.

Palm trees

My favorite part to this blog was that it was my first time ever setting up a CMS on a website - how life changing that was! Being able to edit your content with such ease is such a game changer. For this project I used Netlify CMS, which is honestly one of my favorite choices because of its ease of use. Here is what it looks like to use Netlify CMS on the backend:


If you want to get a test run at using Netlify CMS, I am always happy to deploy a quick sample site for you to try out before making a decision on what you would like to use for your content management system though. Just let me know by contacting us and we will set you up with a test CMS!

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