Tar Heel Window Washin'

Web Development/Entrepreneurship

It is funny how quickly a business can pop-up if there is enough enthusiasm behind an idea - that is exactly the situation I found myself in when I created Tar Heel Window Washin’ with my partner Lisa. She is the one who had the great idea to do this after she saw someone on TikTok make $75-100 just by making door hangers and going around his neighborhood and hanging them up everywhere. 

So we jumped into our business plan full speed last night. I started out by figuring out what we would need and then we took a trip to the store and got our materials. I also started developing the website for our business while also designing the flyers that we hand out. 

I am still in the middle of doing a bunch of things for this project, so I will update more later on. Check out the website here.

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