Jambalaya Stack

Website Development

This is a personal project that I created with my partner Lisa. It is probably one of my favorite websites, just because I created it with her. I also get to share my absolute favorite recipes with the world! I plan on turning this into an app eventually where multiple authors can share their recipes and update them at their free will.

This website uses Netlify CMS on the backend that allows us to easily go in and edit our recipe book without having to wrestle with any code. Creating a recipe page looks like this once all the content has been compiled and published to the website:

Palm trees

Do you want to try the best Jambalaya or Bologanese you have ever tasted in your life? Do you want a fun take on each recipe that is entertaining to read and easy to cook up yourself? DO YOU WANT TO CHECK OUT THE TASTIEST WEBSITE EVER? Well swing on over to the Jambalaya Stack Cookbook Website and try out some of our favorite recipes!

I’d love to help you make your own cookbook if you want to pass on some family traditions to your community or just to track for your own needs. Contact me and let me know that you want the cookbook and you may just get a special little deal on that specific website!

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