Web & Mobile App Development

  • Web Applications - Do you need a landing page where your clients can schedule appointments, interact with each other or simply leave comments on your blog? We handle your web applications with ease with our experience in full-stack development. We handle all your web application needs with quality service at fair pricing.
  • Landing/Static Webpages - Perhaps you don't need the full functionality of a web application, but you just want a place for your customers to find your business info or you want to list your resume online. You'll receive the same beautiful design from Tar Heel Dev Studio whether you need one page or twenty pages.
  • Mobile/Native Applications - There are more mobile users than desktop users in the world. That is why having a mobile application for your business is so important. You'll have a huge advantage as many businesses don't even have a mobile app - get started on yours today with Tar Heel Dev Studio!

Marketing Solutions

  • SEO Marketing - Building up your SEO takes a lot of effort and time - if you are a busy real estate agent, a lawyer, or even a first time business owner, you know how valuable your time is! We help you develop your whole SEO plan, create content, and target your market locally so you can improve your profits.
  • Content Creation - We have partnered with CloudCannon as our CMS of choice - that means you get the best content management system in the Jamstack Ecosystem (our opinion). Let us help you create blog posts, infographics, and set up your content calendar to constantly be re-engaging your audience.
  • Event Management - Virtual live events have become a big deal in connecting with your community and target customers. We will help you develop and plan for your events and make sure they run smoothly, so you can enjoy the benefits of your live house or coding conference!

Design Services

  • Product Design - Use frameworks, learned from an elite level business education platform Section 4. We can do everything you need for a product launch - design, ideation, marketing, testing and more! Leverage our experience in product design and testing and take your new product to the moon.
  • Content Design - It can be expensive to chase freelancers down and have them design content for your marketing blog and advertisements. Tar Heel Dev Studio makes it easier for you to keep everything in one place, with great package choices that make consistent content affordable and our integrated content calendar that keeps you up to speed with every ad, blog, and picture you share!
  • Template Design - Everyone loves a good template collection and we have a lot for you to browse through. You can shop our store for design kits, themes and more. Or, you can contract us to design a template for your custom needs. 

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